80’s Commercial

Work itself

Why you chose the assignment or the topic, or what the thing you made means to you. 

I chose this assignment because I love the 80’s. I knew I could do something really fun with it and creative.

What is its context? What is the story it tells? What does it mean to you? to society? to other media?

This is a Coca-Cola commercial from the 80’s on my radio show. They were sponsoring the episode. I was encouraging the listeners to go out an buy some Coke. This means to me a lot because Coke is actually my favorite soda. To society it makes people want to go out and buy my product.

 Why did you even make it?Think of this part as the part of a DVD that includes the extras- behind the scenes, out takes, director’s commentary.

I made this for all my Coke lovers out there.


I used imovie again to record my voice and add the sound affects. I added some background music off of Youtube and then posted it to Sound Cloud.

Check out a Coca-Cola commercial from the 80’s

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  1. Hey Amanda! Your voice on the commercial is great. One thing I maybe would have tried to do is have the music be a little softer/be in the background. Around the 18 second mark, it got a bit harder for me personally to hear your voice and the message you were conveying. Also, love the idea that you came up with! It’s perfect for the summer season and the narration is spot on as well!

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