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Welcome to my blog. My name is Amanda Hummel. I have a sophomore at the University of Mary Washington in the College of Education. After UMW I hope to become a Elementary school teacher, I love kids and working with them everyday will be a dream for me. I have lots of experience with working with children throughout my whole life. Throughout high school I coach middle school volleyball full time and enjoyed it so much, I learned so much about coaching kids and I am so grateful for the opportunity. Spring semester I was admitted into the College of Education at UMW which comes with practicum. Starting at just a freshman I was working in the classroom. For me personally I think for teaching having experience is one of the most important aspects of being a good well balance teacher. At the end of my freshman year of college I had enough credits to become a substitute in Prince William County. I absolute love this, I get to have so much experience in the classroom before becoming a teacher, which is so beneficial. My mom also is a Kindergarten teaching so I have been expose to teaching for awhile now. I am so excited to become a teacher, and I created this blog to showcase my work throughout my college career, leading up to this.

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