American Factory

For this weeks blog post I will be talking about the American Factory documentary on Netflix. This documentary was about the GMC company running out of business and a Chinese company taking over. This documentary opened my eyes to what factories look like and some secrets about them. The workers in this documentary are such hard working people even in their harsh working conditions. One girl mentioned that there is one way in one way out if there was a fire they would be trapped. It is very easy for these workers to get harmed on the job. They are working day in and day out and it is very tiring on their bodies. I also found it interesting on how the Chinese people had to interact with the Americans already working in the factory. The new company expected the workers to work harder and cause for unsafe working conditions. I could not image the difficulties language barrier that these people faced. Working in a factory is already a hard job, but add a language barrier just makes it that much harder. Both sides wanted different things for the factory. The blending of cultures was something that I found very interesting. The Chinese people tried to teach the Americans about their culture and same with the American people sharing their culture and ways.

I am so glad you assigned this documentary to watch for this class!

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