Barbie goes to War!

It all started when Barbie was walking through her little town we she noticed a poster advertising that they need people to go to war!

She saw this poster and knew she needed to help, so she turned to Ken and told him that she is leaving tomorrow. Ken did not want Barbie to leave, he knew it would be dangerous and she would not have her Barbie dream closet with her. However Barbie had already mad up her mind about going. On their ride home from town a commercial came on the radio to join the Army. Barbie thought that this must be a bigger sign that she needs to help and go save people.

Barbie woke up the next morning and left to go to the war to help. All day long Barbie’s military team was under attack in the war. She was scared that she would never return to Ken. She knew she had to due what is right though. Here is a video Barbie took while running through the battle grounds.

As you can see in the video Barbie fell to the ground! She was shot on her first day by the China Doll Army.

Posters started circling around to try to find Barbie, no one could find her body!

Her body was found 5 days later, she was found dead. The Army had to notify Ken that Barbie had died.

The door bell rang, Ken thought it was Barbie home early from the war. He went to answer the door and 3 Army soldiers were standing at the door to notify Ken that Barbie had died in the war. Ken was shook, he did not know what to do he cried for days and became depressed. And that is where are story ends.

Look out for a movie about these live events. This is a true story and based on real life experiences.

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