Come Work Out with me

Work Itself

Why you chose the assignment or the topic, or what the thing you made means to you.

I chose this assignment because I love to work out. I watch a lot of these types of videos on YouTube to stay active and healthy. With a lot of gyms still being close I want to help my classmates stay active with this video.

What is its context? What is the story it tells? What does it mean to you? to society? to other media?

This tells the story of different exercises you can do with no gym equipment or really anything. I go through a series of different workouts including, high knees, lunges, jumping jacks, and butt kicks.

Why did you even make it?Think of this part as the part of a DVD that includes the extras- behind the scenes, out takes, director’s commentary.

I made this to get people motivated I know it can be really hard especially being home and stuck inside but I still want to spread a positive message.

Narrating the Process

I used iMovie to create this project. I started off by cutting out any parts that I messed up in or there was a long pause. I then split each part of where I started a new workout, this allows the text to only show up on those certain clips.

From there I selected Audio and found this free sound to use for my background music. It comes with the app and is not copyrighted. I turned down the volume because it was a little bit too loud.

And finally I added a title screen with text on it (the flower picture).

4 thoughts on “Come Work Out with me”

  1. Hey Amanda! I also did this assignment because I love working out too! I really liked how you included stretching before and after in the video as well as your commentary during the 30-second break. The music was a nice touch and wasn’t too overpowering so that we couldn’t hear you and the captions of what the exercises were helpful as well!!

  2. I did this assignment as well and LOVED doing it because like you…I love to workout! I like how you added a stretching portion because sometimes people forget to do that before they workout in general! I really loved your video! Nice work!

  3. Hello Amanda, I think that this was a good assignment to do. I was definitely debating on doing this one also, but glad that I didn’t because I don’t think mine would’ve been as good as yours for sure. This was a great and very cool with seeing the different transitions.

  4. Amanda! This video was well thought out and informative! The captioning along with the video made it super easy to understand the workout. I love the birds in the background (whether intentional or not!), great video!

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