DesignBlitz FUN!!!!

Proportion : recycling label on trash can. #designblitz

This is a picture of a recycling symbol. This is showing proportion. It is the same on both sides and I is a continues pattern.

Color: these flowers are all the same color! #designblitz

This is a picture of some flowers right outside my house. I took this picture because of the use of color. All of the flowers are this bright yellow color and they are all the same.

Rhythm: wood chips #designblitz

This is a picture of wood chips. These wood chips are showing rhythm. All the are placed in a similar way and they are all around the same size. Creating a pattern or rhythm.

Balance: the stop sign is the same on both sides.#designblitz

This is a picture of a Stop sign on my street. This shows balance. If you were to cut this stop sign in half it would be the same size on both sides.

Over all I enjoyed this experience trying to find items that matched the different art forms. It allows you to look at the word differently and wonder why things are placed where they are.


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