Event Poster/Missing Person Tutorial

These are both part of Design assignments. Event Poster is 3 stars and missing person is worth 3 and half stars.


  1. Download Procreate to your device. I uploaded this image I found on Google to get started with my event poster.
  2. Add text to the picture using the tool bar on the top left corner. Helpful tip keep the different fonts in different layers. This will make it easier to move layers.

This is a picture of all the layers I added to this poster. Adding layers allows you to move the text easier and images.


  1. Again I used Procreate to create all of these assignments. I found a background I liked on google and edited Barbie on it.

2. To get Barbie on here save an image of Barbie to your device, and then add the image using the tools feature.

3. Final step is to add whatever text you want to the wanted picture. You can see all my different layers for this poster above.

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