How Amanda Became a Better Photographer

Link and credit for the tip

I used the tip on this website to pay attention to the moment. To use a slow shutter to capture weird rays of light. He used the cars as an example at night with all their lights and taking pictures of them on a slow shutter can create light art. 

Embed an example of a photo where you tried the technique

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Describe how you thought about this or what approach (or variation) you tried.

I first knew I needed an app that slowed down my shutter speed so I downloaded “slow camera” from the iTunes store. This app worked really well. I then got the idea to use my Christmas lights I have as the slow moving light similar to the example of the moving car lights. These bright Christmas lights picked up really nicely and I love how this picture turned out. 

Reflection of the material read/watched/listen to.

After watching and reading about all things photography. I learned how to take better pictures. Some key tips and take-aways I wanted to note is lighting, lighting is extremely important when talking about a picture it can change the whole mood of the picture. Including black and white. “The Migrant Mother” picture was in black and white this paints a different story than having it in bright colors. Black and white paints the story of sad and gloomy. I also learned after watching a DS106 lecture on how to take cool and amazing pictures by slowing down the shutter speed. I never thought of a blurry picture being cool and unique but I enjoyed hearing that professor explaining that. Reading images better through visual literacy is something else I learned. A visual learner can read and write visual language. So much of today’s word is consumed by pictures and we are not taught how to read them. I personally never thought to read pictures, this was a really neat way to look at it. 


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