Mid Week Summary Post


So far this week I have completed all the tasks in the mid week 1 list. I have created all my social media with the same profile that I created in “gravatar”.  I deiced to use Procreate to create my profile picture. I added my name, picture of children, UMW, and a picture of books. All of these imaged describe me as a person. This is growing my identity online. I believe I have completed all the requirements really well. My blog is looking good, I am still working on designing and learning how to use WordPress. I have mentioned this in my introductions but I am trying to create all my platforms dealing with teaching in some way, since I want to become an Elementary education teacher. I like the idea I could use my website in my future to show my employers what I did and created in college and be proud of that. Having my blog be just my name keeps me more professional and it being useful for my career.  Something that gave me trouble was working with my domain. I had to watch a lot of Youtube videos. I do not have much experience with WordPress. It seemed even the simple things like changing my background was a challenge, however I am getting a hang of things and learning everyday. Even though this was my most challenging thing I enjoyed it the most. Customizing and creating my own website was so much fun and exciting. I loved choosing the colors and designing. Again I learned how to use WordPress more as I have little experience with this. Learning through Youtube and the links provided on how to change and customize. Something that I would have done differently is organize my post more. Right now they are all over the place on my website. I hope to fix that throughout the week. I have one quick question about the social media we created: do you have a page we need to follow on all the different sites? Thank you! I have linked all my different social media introductions. 

Fun fact about me is my favorite holiday is the 4th of July! #ds106

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