Moon Graffiti

 How does sound drive stories? How does it impact mood and create an atmosphere?

Sound drives a story by adding effects and to contribute to the over feel of the story. Without sound effects a story will be boring and not engaging. In Moon Graffiti you can here beeping and muffled voices. This gives the impression of them being on a radio. It changes the atmosphere because you can hear heavy breathing and muffled voices creating a sense of them being in their astronaut suit. You can hear it in their voices.

What choices did they make that impacted your understanding of and feelings about the story?

Having the beginning be the moment were they crash and you can hear the panic in their voices, gets the listeners attention really quick. Then the radio broadcaster comes over and makes the announcement. This is a very impact part of the radio show because it draws you in and makes you wonder what happen to them. I was feeling very sad and stressed while listening to it. I really thought I was there in the moment.

What are the techniques from the references above that you may not have noticed before?

I notice layering. I learned about this early this week. There was layering done with the radio broadcaster and the voice recording of the moon landing. Layering adds to the overall feel of the sound. There was also a lot of sound effects with crashing and suspenseful music.

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