My experience on the Photo Safari

 Describe the place you chose to do this, and why you chose it.

For my photo safari I chose my house. With Covid I can not really go anywhere like park or something to take these pictures, so my house had to do. I chose my house because I have a lot of things inside it. I thought at first I would use my backyard but I went with my main floor instead. It was a bigger space to work with. My little brother can be seen in some of the pictures which I like and he enjoyed being in it.

What was the experience like?

This experience was really fun! I felt stressed because my time was running out and I needed to get a lot of pictures. I completed most of all the picture task. I could not complete 3 on the list, just due to time. It was cool to see all the crazy pictures I can get and create just in my house.

What photos worked for you best?

I think my picture of my brother for unique angle worked the best for me. It was really easy to do. I placed my camera on the floor and took the picture of him standing up. It looks really funny and I love it. Another picture that I think worked out was the motion picture. I had my brother wave his arm really fast so that the arm would look like it was moving in the picture.

What do you think was the most inventive?

My orange picture with a face on it was my most inventive for me. I was trying to think on how to make something inanimate object look alive and I thought to draw a face on something. I thought this was really funny. HAHAH


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