Reading Movies


This shows an example of how movies, can edit and create a whole new story with just how they edit and tell it. The first clip is of a man smiling at women with a baby. This is perceived as cute and harmless. However the second clip is the same man smiling but this time at women in a bikini smiling now he changes to a pervert. 


This mentions examples of a lot of editing techniques and shows you what they look like including:

Jump cut 

Slow motion 

Still frame 

Flash cuts

This video shows you a bunch of examples from the one point perspective. Draws your eye into a focus point. For an example a long hallway. I learned how important these in film to create an effect to draw you in.


Through this article I learned about the positive and negative sides of the screen left is negative. Most of the time they have the “bad” characters on the left side and the good on the right. This shows the positive and negative sides of filming. I also learned about the rule of thirds when filming. Placement on the screen is very important when filming. To lead our eyes as viewers in different ways. Color contrast can change a picture. He introduced me to the concept that visual compositions have “intrinsic weighting.” By that I believe he means that certain areas of the available visual space have tendencies to stir emotional or aesthetic reactions.

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