Spontaneous trip to Paris

Work Itself

The story Behind this

Why you chose the assignment or the topic, or what the thing you made means to you. 

I chose this assignment because it was one of the required assignments. This picture brings me a lot of joy because this is a picture of my friend and in Paris. I just love Paris so much and want to go back so bad on the private jet.

What is its context? What is the story it tells? What does it mean to you? to society? to other media?

This tells the story of happiness . I am most happy with my friends. They bring me up when I am sad and make me laugh. This picture means a lot to me. Last summer my friend and I went to Paris for our end of the year summer trip. It was so much fun and I miss it so much.

 Why did you even make it?Think of this part as the part of a DVD that includes the extras- behind the scenes, out takes, director’s commentary.

I made this to look back on this memory. This picture is dedicated to Olivia my best friend.

Narrating the Process!

I used Procreate to create this image.

I cut around a picture of my friend and I and position it in front of the image of the Eiffel Tower. Procreate is an app you have to buy but I bought it for this class. It is really easy to work with and user friendly.

Here is a Youtube video to help you understand how to use the app.

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