Taylor Swift Is coming to UMW

Work Itself

Why you chose the assignment or the topic, or what the thing you made means to you. 

I chose this assignment just to create a poster that Taylor Swift is coming. I am a big Taylor Swift fan I would love for her to come to UMW, even though that will never happen.

What is its context? What is the story it tells? What does it mean to you? to society? to other media?

Taylor Swift is coming to UMW on my 21st birthday to before her new album Lover. I had tickets to see her concert this year in August and was really sad that it was canceled due to Covid so I wanted to make this poster to pretend like she was coming.

 Why did you even make it?Think of this part as the part of a DVD that includes the extras- behind the scenes, out takes, director’s commentary.

I made this because I am a big Taylor Swift fan and I would love for her to come to UMW. Check out this video of what to expect from her concert at UMW.

Narrating the Process

I started using Layers like I always use in Procreate. Placing the picture and the background color where I wanted it. Then adding the text layer and adding the cool flowers.

The flowers that I added were called Flower Power in the Vintage tab on the brush library.

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