Who is Vignelli Canon?

After reading the article on Virgnelli Canon I learned a lot about his life and how he was as a artist. Vignelli deigned the American Airlines logo and the New York subway map. 2 of the most famous pieces of art today. I leaned what it means to be a graphic designer and anyone can be a artist if they wanted to. Reading this article I connected it to the “We are all Artisit” podcast. This podcast mention that anyone can be an artisit just with some practice. This same messaged came across through in the Virgelli article. He said ” if you can design one thing, you can design everything”. His work came before computers so everything was hand dawned on paper. He even created some well known fonts. This article opened my mind to graphic design. I myself did not consider me an artist but this article inspired me that I can be and always try my best and practice makes perfect. After reading that article I could tell Virgelli was not about the money. He did this because he had a passion for it. He released a free e-book about his life and businesses experience he wanted to share it with the word. I admire Virgelli now and strive to be just like him.

In this Yotube video they go through the pros and cons of his map and the history behind it. They mention that the map is in the New York City Transit museum and I have actually been there. It is in Brooklyn. This is a picture of me inside one of their old cars they have inside the museum.

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